Province Wide Service

No matter where you are in Alberta, we have the resources and paralegal expertise to help you. We can attend all Provincial Traffic Courts. We are also happy to assist clients through email, fax, phone or in person. We regularly attend court in Fort McMurray, Red Deer, Boyle, Ponoka, Grande Prairie, Peace River and points south of Red Deer to the US border!

Please call 780-405-7425 to speak to us directly.

You can email us at

Alberta Paralegal Services

Traffic Tickets

Our agents are:

  • Knowledgeable, Experienced and Successful
  • Former Police Officers, Peace Officers, Lawyers and Provincial Prosecutors who will fight for you in Court

Don't plead guilty until you speak to us. Your license, employment and insurance rates can be adversely affected by serious traffic convictions and demerit points.

We don’t provide guarantees, but we will:

  • Give you a candid and realistic assessment
  • Ensure every aspect of the case is thoroughly examined

In over 90% of cases we are able to have the charge withdrawn or reduced to a lesser offense saving you demerit points and money.


We prepare all the documents

We serve your spouse

We can answer all of your questions

We can save you money

Self Represented

We can help you prepare an affidavit, notice of motion, affidavit of service and any other document for court.

Divorce Coaching

  • Think your situation seems impossible?
  • Can’t find solutions?
  • Need some new, innovative and fresh ideas?

We may be able to help. We have assisted hundreds of unrepresented clients who are facing custody and financial issues. If you are unable to afford a lawyer, help is available at a reasonable cost.

Pardons/Waivers (Record Suspensions)

Don’t let a criminal conviction be a barrier to employment, bonding, security clearances or travel.

We can help you:

  • Apply for a pardon
  • Prepare all the required documentation
  • Answer any specific questions the parole board may ask of you

We have a 95% success rate in obtaining pardons for eligible clients.

US travel waivers are required even if you have a pardon!* The process is somewhat complicated but we have the experience and expertise to help you.

Please call 780-405-7425 to speak to us directly.

*Some exceptions apply.

Commissioner for Oaths

We can swear/affirm any document that you may have, including:

  • Affidavits and Statutory Declarations
  • Insurance Forms
  • Passport Forms
  • Agreements and Contracts
  • Foreign Travel Authorizations for Children
  • Professional Organization's Documents
  • Transfers of Land

24 hour emergency service available.

Phone: 780-918-3235

We do not provide legal advice or opinions. We are not a law firm or law society members.